Railway Toolkit Introduction

Railways are capital intensive and require regular investment to function effectively. The public sector cannot always meet the investment needs, which has created strong interest in mobilizing private investment in the railway sector. A new edition of “Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance” explains how private financing can be attracted to the sector, with updated and expanded chapters on financing and governance and new and updated case studies.

The webinar will feature material from the revised report. It will highlight the relationship between funding and financing, and how railways with financing problems need to address the underlying funding gap, through increasing revenues and reducing operational and investment costs. It will address the role of risk and how strengthening sector and corporate governance can reduce the risk. These principles will be illustrated by the case of PKP Cargo, in which a turn-around of the railway’s operations enabled its stock to be floated on the Warsaw stock exchange. In some cases, railway have assets with value beyond their use for railway purposes. These assets can be developed with the private sector so that they contribute to the railway’s funding and attract private sector investment. The case of the Futakotamagawa Station Redevelopment Project will demonstrate this type of financing.

The webinar is organized by the Transport and ICT unit of the World Bank.

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About the Presenters

Martha B. Lawrence

Ms. Lawrence is the Leader of the Railways Community of Practice at the World Bank and a team leader for the Bank’s technical assistance and lending programs in China and India. She has over 30 years of experience in the railway sector, with extensive knowledge in railway restructuring, railway finance and transport regulation. Ms. Lawrence led the development of the World Bank’s resource on railway reform: “Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance”. Before joining the World Bank, Ms. Lawrence was a Managing Director of Harral Winner Thompson Sharp Lawrence, Inc., where she prepared business, restructuring and financing plans for railways worldwide and advised private sector investors on over US$8 billion in structured lease financing of transit rolling stock and infrastructure. Ms. Lawrence worked ten years on regulatory and antitrust issues, during a period of deregulation and commercialization in the US rail industry. She has developed costing and pricing systems for railways in the US, Tunisia, Zimbabwe and Brazil and financial models/business plans for railways worldwide. Ms. Lawrence has a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A in Finance and Transportation Management from Northwestern University.

Shige Sakaki

Shige Sakaki is a Senior Urban Transport Specialist at Transport and Digital Development Global Practice. He currently works on various lending and technical assistance projects in South Asia, including urban transport planning, urban mobility, suburban railway, Transit Oriented Development, and intercity highway projects. Prior to joining the bank in 2011, Shige was with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for 15 years, where he worked on urban transport planning, land use planning, urban redevelopment, and flood management. Shige holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard Kennedy School and Master of Civil Engineering from Kyoto University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and Land Readjustment Planner, and a certified Meteorologist in Japan.

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It can be developed with the private sector so that they contribute to the railway’s funding and attract private sector investment.


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Nice work!

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