Weather Index Insurance in Bangladesh

Supported by the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) works with Green Delta Insurance to design and retail weather index insurance products that protect smallholder farmers and agribusinesses from climate risks. Access to finance provides a means for the farmers to sustain income and food security.

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Submitted 5:47 pm, June 5, 2018



Submitted 9:22 am, June 5, 2018

With 70% of the population of 52 million residing in the rural areas and 50% of labor force engaging in agriculture, Myanmar can benefit enormously from such innovation insurance products.

Een Permana

Submitted 3:56 am, May 2, 2018

wow nice innovation of financial product especially for agricultural contries. if weather index is the main determinant for claiming insurance (whether farmers can get good or bad harvest), my further concern is about the insurance corps. side because they still have to pay insurance even their farmers customers have nice crop from their farms. is there a (or how) mechanism/protocol in nice crop situation, i mean something like "adjusted insurance rate to be paid for"


Submitted 12:26 pm, March 20, 2018

Good instrument in addressing farmers' climate related shocks.

Dr. Illakkuvan

Submitted 3:57 am, February 26, 2018

Access to finance provides a means for the farmers to sustain income and food security=Excellent!

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 1:29 pm, February 5, 2018

Nice Course

Ashish Kumar

Submitted 1:02 am, January 17, 2018

Sorry for my earlier post. I wanted to say Green Delta may also focus for marketing the products of the farmers

Ashish Kumar

Submitted 12:59 am, January 17, 2018

Good, Green Delta Insurance may also focus forgot marketing the


Submitted 6:35 am, January 13, 2018


Selva Gajendran

Submitted 4:53 am, January 13, 2018

Good One

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