Precision Farming: Sensors and Wireless/3G Phone for Smart Irrigation and Fertigation Applications

Flybird Farm Innovations will introduce its vision to improve agricultural productivity and resources management by promoting precision irrigation and fertigation through the sensors-connected, automated controller. Flybird is a social impact agriculture enterprise focused on improvising the farmer livelihood, improving crop yield and production, saving water and electric power, and integrating affordable technologies for farmers through innovative solutions. It has developed Siri, a smart irrigation controller, which is programmed to manage water and fertilizer with information gathered by soil moisture, temperature, humidity sensors placed on the ground. The company is supported by Chennai-based Villgro, a social impact fund backed by Dell Foundation.

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About the Presenters

Satish KS, Founder & CEO

Satish KS has over 16 years of insightful experiences in product development and management for aerospace, automotive and agricultural automation. He is passionate to work and create an impact for the agriculture sector, particularly for smallholder farmers, who are usually the base of the pyramid. Prior to starting the FlyBird Innovations, Satish worked with HCL Technologies and worked for global customers like Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Hamilton Sundstrand, Magna Electronics/Ford.

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Dr. Illakkuvan

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Precision Farming: Sensors and Wireless/3G Phone for Smart Irrigation and Fertigation Applications= Wonderfull

Jesús Manuel

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Very innovative !

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