Transforming dairy supply chain with SmartMoo IoT Platform

Data acquisition and recording is the first step towards creating measurable value in any supply chain. While automated, IoT based acquisition ensures Data integrity, the ability to plug-in sensors & applications on the fly ensures agility in catering to different types of agriculture supply chains across geographies. Data synthesis across the agricultural dairy supply chain in emerging markets...view more

About the Presenters

Ranjith Mukundan, CEO, Stellapps Technologies

Ranjith Mukundan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Stellapps Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) company currently focused on improving the dairy supply chain. Stellapps has successfully deployed its proprietary hardware and software applications across India and abroad. Ranjith was previously with Wipro Technologies as the Global Head of the Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) Practice. He also oversaw a Centre of Excellence (CoE) focused on product innovation and intellectual property creation. Ranjith has over 20 years of software industry experience, including shadow P&L and technology consulting (e.g., to Nomura UK). He has a Master’s of Science in Telecom & Software Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

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- Sep 14, 2018
SmartMoo Big Data Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) where the SmartMoo suite of applications analyze and crunch the received data before disseminating the analytics & data science outcome to various stakeholders over low-end and smart mobile devices.


- Jun 24, 2018


- May 3, 2018

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Mar 26, 2018
Informative! and Innovative!!

Jesús Manuel

- Jan 31, 2018
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