Transforming Aquaculture with IoT

Eruvaka Technologies develops connected devices and mobile-based decision tools for affordable monitoring and automation of aquaculture farms. Eruvaka's Smart devices help farmers remotely monitor water quality and feed intake patterns. Also, Eruvaka's artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms precisely dispense the feed based on demand. Using IoT, Eruvaka helps farmers reduce risk and improve produ...view more

About the Presenters

Sreeram Raavi, Founder & Managing Director, Eruvaka

Sreeram Raavi is the Founder & Managing Director of Eruvaka Technologies. Sreeram founded Eruvaka Technologies after taking closer look at severe problems faced by Aquaculture farmers. Prior to Eruvaka, he spent 6 years at Centillium Communications designing high performance semiconductor solutions for broadband access networks and helping customers deploy them. Sreeram believes that cost effective technology solutions can transform IndianAgriculture and make it sustainable and profitable.

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- Sep 14, 2018
Using IoT, Eruvaka helps farmers reduce risk and improve productivity by enabling the optimal use of feed and energy, making aquaculture farming sustainable.


- Jun 24, 2018


- Jun 4, 2018
nice work, thanks

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Mar 26, 2018
Very Good to Know How!

Jesús Manuel

- Jan 31, 2018


- Dec 24, 2017
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