Connecting those beyond the Reach: Integrating Farmers into Agricultural Supply Chain

Yogi Sookhu, President and CEO of Gotham Analytics, will share his experience of enabling remote monitoring in various palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, by installing sensors and connecting the plantation to network infrastructure. Gotham Analytics is leading business in off-grid markets that require monitoring, machine-to-machine, and consumer communications in areas that are beyond the reach of standard infrastructure, such as reliable cellular and Internet connections. Using satellite connectivity, Gotham offers an off-grid alternative to provide connectivity to remote assets and personnel where existing infrastructure cannot reach. This groundbreaking solution has important implications for applying IoT in agriculture, especially in development context, because many developing regions still remain offline due to the unavailability of infrastructure. Gotham's network can not only connect sensors and equipment to communicate with each other, enabling precision agriculture, but also transmit data from these devices, helping farmers to make better decisions based on data analysis. Through these solutions, Gotham Analytics has potential to enable remote farms to be connected to their supply chain and get useful insights in developing regions.

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About the Presenters

Yogi Sookhu

Mr. Sookhu has over two decades of technical and management experience with a variety of private, public, and startup companies. In addition to founding Gotham Analytics, Mr. Sookhu is also the inventor of several patent- pending technologies relative to remote monitoring. These systems are designed to address challenges encountered by a host of industries such as, lack of infrastructure, global communication, off grid operations, and data analytics.

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Connecting those beyond the Reach: Integrating Farmers into Agricultural Supply Chain= Super Plan!!

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