Knowledge Note

"This synthesis report proposes a menu of options that could allow the world to achieve a sustainable food future."

‘The World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future’ calls for major adjustments in the production of food and in people’s consumption and explores a 22-item “menu for a sustainable food future” to close the gaps. The publication argues that shifting consumption patterns, increasing the productivity of crops and livestock, and improving the efficiency of inputs could significantly reduce emissions and the demand for land while raising agricultural incomes.

This Knowledge Note is a condensed form of a report from 'The World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future'. To read the Synthesis Report please click here.

To read the full World Resources Report please click here.

WRI produced the report in partnership with the World Bank, UN Environment, UN Development Programme, and the French agricultural research agencies CIRAD and INRA.

To read more regarding 'The World Resources Report' and 'The menu of solutions WBI proposes to achieve sustainable food systems', please click here .