When the Emperor Reaches Out to the Citizen: Pakistan Launches Anti-Corruption Campaign

Everyday corruption can seem almost impossible to fight. However, there are definitely ways to fight it. Check out this video to find out 10 ways you could fight corruption.

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The Awareness and Prevention campaign of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is known as ‘Say no to Corruption’ The National Accountability Bureau is at the frontline in the drive for a corruption free society through adoption of a holistic approach of Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has recovered more than PKR. 295.6 billion since its inception and its efforts have helped Pakistan in moving up the ladder in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from 126th to 117th position, out of 180 countries in the world during the last three years. Vision: The National Accountability Bureau aims to be a credible, effective, efficient and dynamic anti-corruption organization creating an enabling environment for a corruption free society by engaging all stakeholders in the fight against corruption through a program which is holistic, inclusive and progressive. Mission: To eliminate corruption through a comprehensive approach, encompassing enforcement, prosecution, awareness and prevention. To rejuvenate the government bodies, enhancing their capability for efficient stewardship of public resources. To establish an anti-corruption legal framework that provides a broad and solid mechanism across the board. To increase awareness and prevent corruption in society through advocacy and education. Mandate: NAB derives its legal mandate from National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 which authorizes the Bureau: To take cognizance of acts constituting offences of corruption and corrupt practices, eradication of corruption and corrupt practices, hold accountable accused persons and matters ancillary thereto, and To provide effective measures for detection, investigation, prosecution and speedy disposal of cases involving corruption, corrupt practices, misuse of authority, misappropriation of property, taking of kickbacks, commissions and for matters connected and ancillary or incidental thereto.
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