What is Climate Change? Mitigation and Adaptation in Romania

Romania is committed to moving towards a greener and more competitive low carbon economy that makes efficient use of resources and is resilient to climate risk. Therefore, the Government of Romania, through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has requested the World Bank to provide advisory services to help meet this commitment. A program is implemented jointly by the World Bank and the Ministry, aiming to enable Romania reach the Europe 2020 objectives for fighting climate change and pursuing low carbon development.

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jose luis

- Jul 24, 2022
muy bueno


- Jan 29, 2021


- Nov 29, 2020


- Mar 29, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Dec 16, 2019
Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change in Romania

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 18, 2019
great to see the consciousness has been there, the root causes has been well identified, and the program to overcome has been designed. However, it is sad to know that many human being is still doing activities, with or without consciousness, to continuously worsen the climate change.


- May 6, 2019
Informative and great efforts to mitigate climate changes.


- Apr 3, 2019
What is Climate Change? Mitigation and Adaptation in Romania


- Mar 28, 2019
sangat Luar biasa


- Aug 3, 2018
Interesting info! Thanks!
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