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Webinar Series: Climate Business Innovation Network (CBIN) Webinar Series on Supporting Innovative Clean Technology Businesses - Webinar 2: How to Protect your Innovation: Intellectual Property and Cleantech

About This Webinar:

Incubators will be introduced to Intellectual Property (IP) concepts and learn how to work with clients to ensure they are protecting their products and innovations. Practical concepts will be described through an overview of various Cleantech incubators and House of Knowledge’s IP survival kit.


About This Series:

The World Bank’s Climate Technology Program (CTP), housed with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit within the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice (T&C GP), empowers developing countries to proactively and profitably adapt, develop, and deploy climate smart technologies and business models that meet local needs and drive growth, competitiveness, and employment. CTP has established a network of seven Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) - in Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Vietnam, Morocco, and the Caribbean - to support early stage climate technology companies with a holistic set of services including proof-of-concept grants, business advisory and training, and access to business/technical facilities. As a core part of the Climate Business Innovation Network (CBIN), CTP aims to improve the operational effectiveness of its CICs and other intermediary organizations supporting green startups and growing businesses in developing countries. In order to foster connectivity and knowledge sharing among its members, CBIN is developing webinar series as a platform where members can share and learn about solutions to common challenges faced by green incubators and accelerators. Each online session will draw from field experiences of business enablers in developing countries, and topics will include both climate technology specific and general business incubation.

Please contact Elaine Tinsley (, Task Team Leader for the CBIN Webinar Series, and Alexandra Endara ( for inquiries.

About the Presenters

Magnus Hakvåg

Hakvåg has 17 years of experience providing training and consulting services on protection of inventions, innovations, projects, and business ideas. As the CEO of House of Knowledge, he guides businesses around the world on Competitiveness, Intellectual Property (IP), and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Magnus has a special focus on the interactions between business development, the need for knowledge sharing, and product protection. He has a background in physics and experience as a researcher and project manager at NTNU Center of Entrepreneurship. He holds a Master’s of Science in Physics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Karianne Bø

Before joining House of Knowledge, Bø was a Human Resources Advisor at Telenor (a global mobile operator), where she ensured compliance to labor laws and company standards. In addition, Karianne was in charge of building and leading the Norwegian Customs work on IPR and represented Norwegian interests internationally. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and International Development from London Metropolitan University and a Masters of International Law from the University of Westminster.

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How to Protect your Innovation: Intellectual Property and Cleantech

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