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Webinar 3: Step-by-step process for EDGE green building certification (Asia, East Asia)

After the first two webinars that introduced the EDGE certification software, the World Bank Group is now providing step-by-step instructions on how to apply for green building certification for your projects, walking you in detail through the 5 certification steps:


  1. Create a profile in the EDGE software;
  2. Register your project with a certification provider;
  3. Select an EDGE auditor;
  4. Apply for certification, including submitting compliance documentation;
  5. Certify your project and increase the marketability of your building.


To help companies mainstream green buildings in emerging markets, IFC has developed EDGE, an online platform that allows design teams to estimate the efficiency of a building by using practical solutions and alternative materials. EDGE makes it faster, easier, and more affordable than ever before to build and brand green in emerging markets. The EDGE software shows quickly how a few practical energy and water-saving options improves building performance at little or no cost. EDGE is smart, fast, affordable, and inclusive.

EDGE defines a green building as one that is projected to reduce the consumption of energy and water by at least 20 percent, as well as the energy used to make the construction materials.

EDGE illustrates the potential cost savings and greenhouse-gas reductions from efficient heating and cooling systems, natural ventilation, water-saving devices, and building materials with lower environmental impact. The effort pays off for owners and tenants by lowering monthly heating, electricity and water bills while also reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

The program’s objective is to convert 20 percent of the new buildings being built into green buildings within seven years in rapidly urbanizing countries. On the residential side alone, the results would equate to 1.3 million green homes and a reduction of a million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Builders can choose to use EDGE software free of cost at the design stage or take their projects all the way through to certification at modest cost. Developers with projects in nearly 125 countries can now certify their buildings as green when they meet the EDGE standard, with case studies showcasing their progress. Local certification providers have initiated services in key markets, including Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Africa.

Two of the world’s leading certification providers, GBCI and thinkstep, in partnership with SGS, have also announced their commitment to deploy EDGE across the world in an effort to stimulate and satisfy rising demand.  EDGE is now available virtually everywhere in the emerging markets: we offer a global reach with location-specific results. 

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Step-by-step process for EDGE green building certification (Asia, East Asia)

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