Water Utility Financing (Self-paced)
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Water Utility Financing (Self-paced)

The Water Utility Financing course provides an overview on how to evaluate and improve the utility’s financial performance. It also focuses on how to make the utility credit worthy for attracting commercial financing and achieving financial sustainability. This course consists of five modules, which includes a course-end assessment module. The modules include;

• Module 1: Fundamentals of Utility Financing, discusses the basic financial concepts and unique aspects of a water utility.

• Module 2: Financial Aspects of Water Utilities, discusses the different types of financial statements issued by water utilities.

• Module 3: Applied Financial Concepts, introduces some of the critical financial concepts.

• Module 4: Utility Finance in Practice, focuses on measuring the creditworthiness of water utilities.

• Module 5: Assessment, comprises 15 randomized questions.

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jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- May 12, 2022
hello world


- Apr 13, 2022
El tema de la escasez y calidad del agua. que requiere fundamentalmente de financiamiento, es de mucha importancia y relevancia en el momento actual.


- Apr 1, 2022
hello everyone


- Mar 18, 2022
Great course. I just finished. Please is there a certification?


- Mar 8, 2022
The programme will help me to improve water challenges in my community


- Mar 8, 2022
I hope this course will help me learn more about utility financing


- Mar 7, 2022
I hope the course will help me know more.


- Mar 3, 2022
Hi everyone!!


- Feb 21, 2022
I hope that this course gives us tools to be able to develop projects that solve the needs of drinking water in different human settlements.
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