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Une introduction interactive à la Géo-Capacitation du Suivi et de l’Evaluation des Projets (GEMS-FR)

Venez apprendre à relever les défis de la collecte de données et de la supervision de projets difficiles d’accès parce que situés dans des contextes fragiles et touchés par des conflits, grâce à l'application de méthodes et d’outils innovants.

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This session is part of the Fragility Forum 2020 Virtual Series.

About the Presenters

Nelly Bachelot-Dembélé

Consultant, World Bank

Ms. Bachelot-Dembélé is a remote supervision and geospatial analyst in the WBG’s Mali Country Management Unit and part of the Geo-Enabling initiative for the Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) team since 2018. She delivers direct operational support to leveraging ICT and enhance project monitoring, planification, strategical decision making and coordination in fragility and conflict context.

Liana Razafindrazay

Consultant, World Bank

Ms. Razafindrazay is a Geographer with the Geo-Enabling initiative for the Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) team. She leads the GEMS engagement in several countries, including Burundi, Haiti, Djibouti, and Madagascar leveraging ICT-based solutions to enhance project transparency and accountability. Before joining the GEMS team, she worked with the Disaster Risk Management Unit of the Bank supporting client governments to strengthen their resiliency against climate and disaster risks through better use of risk data and information. Prior to joining the Bank in 2012, Ms. Razafindrazay was a Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Earth Science Information Network of the Earth Institute of Columbia University. In her spare time, Liana enjoys painting and researching the history of her native island of Madagascar.

Annabelle Vinois

Consultant, World Bank

Ms. Vinois focuses on building the capacities of World Bank clients and partners to use simple digital tools for M&E and remote supervision. She has also built the capacity of Indigenous Peoples organizations in Central Africa to enhance their participation in global environmental programs such as REDD+. Prior to joining the World Bank, Ms. Vinois worked as an attorney in Brussels practicing criminal, family, and immigration law. She holds a Master of Laws and an LL.M in International Law from the University of Leuven, Belgium as well as an M.S. in Environmental Policy from The New School. She is fluent in English, French, and Dutch, and proficient in Spanish.

Target Audience

Practitioners and general public

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Apr 3, 2022


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- Nov 4, 2021
Très intéressant


- Oct 19, 2021

jose luis

- Jul 21, 2021


- May 30, 2021


- Jan 13, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Aug 17, 2020
Excellent topic!

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Aug 11, 2020
Une introduction interactive à la Géo-Capacitation du Suivi et de l’Evaluation des Projets (GEMS-FR)

Kpotivi Kpatanyo

- Jul 28, 2020
Merci beaucoup pour ce Webminar sur le GEMS que j'ai trouvé très interessant et très informatif.
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