Understanding the FCPF Carbon Fund’s Methodological Framework

In December 2013, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Carbon Fund's Methodological Framework was approved by Carbon Fund Participants. It will guide the development of large-scale REDD+ programs aimed to protect tropical forests and enhance the livelihoods of local communities. The Methodological Framework is a set of 37 criteria and related indicators (C&I), associated with five major aspects of Emission Reductions Programs: level of ambition, carbon accounting, safeguards, sustainable program design and implementation, and ER Program transactions. ER Programs included in the CF portfolio are expected to demonstrate conformity with the Framework’s criteria. This webinar is the first in a series of sessions on a variety of aspects related to REDD+ and the FCPF. In this webinar, Marco van der Linden, who co-lead the development of the Methodological Framework, will explain to the audience the key aspects they need to know about the Methodological Framework.

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Marco van der Linden

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Jesús Manuel

Submitted 8:11 am, May 1, 2018

great, liked and shared!


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Dr. Illakkuvan

Submitted 10:54 pm, December 9, 2016

"Explain to the audience the key aspects they need to know about the Methodological Framework!" Excellent!!

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