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From Trickle to Stream: Approaches to Attract Female Talent to the Water Sector

According to the Women in Water Utilities: Breaking Barriers report, on average only one out of every five employees in water utilities are women. An explanation for women’s low representation in water organizations is that skilled women are not drawn to careers in the sector. Multiple factors contribute to this: young women are often not exposed to female role models working in water, believe careers in the sector are not suitable for women due to gender stereotypes and norms, are under-represented in engineering programs, and face bottlenecks in their school-to-work transition.

During this webinar, we will discuss examples of promising approaches that can be adopted by water organizations to increase women’s participation in the sector, drawing on recent global research and country experiences from water organizations in Albania and Cambodia.

About This Webinar Series

During each webinar of the Getting to Equal Aqua- Approaches to Promote Women Employment in Water series, entry-points and practical approaches to address barriers faced by women in water sector jobs will be discussed. Speakers will draw on examples of initiatives adopted to deepen the inclusion of women in different sectors and regions, research, and lessons learned.

This series has been organized by the Equal Aqua partnership platform, which seeks to advance gender inclusion and diversity in water sector jobs.

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About the Presenters

Evis Gjebrea

Ms. Evis Gjebrea is currently holding the position of Deputy General Director at the Tirana Water & Wastewater Utility. Before joining the water utility, she worked at the Municipality of Tirana and was Member of the Supervisory Board of the Tirana Water Utility. Ms. Gjebrea has been full time Lecturer for 8 years at the European University of Tirana and now is teaching part time at same University as well as New York University of Tirana. She has a previous broad experience working with the Ministry of Finance at the Foreign Debt Department for 8 years and with the World Bank as a consultant in Washington D.C and Tirana.

Thavin So

Thavin So is a Programme Coordinator at WaterAid Cambodia and has been working in the development sector over the past 7 years. She’s been leading the design, management, and implementation of WaterAid’s WASH programme in Cambodia, particularly in the area of WASH system strengthening and workforce development. She has a strong interest and is passionate about promoting gender equality.

Moderator: Caren Grown

Caren Grown is an internationally recognized expert on gender issues in development. Dr. Grown joined the World Bank in 2014 as Global Director of the World Bank’s Gender Group, where she has led the institution’s development and implementation of a Gender Strategy that deliberately and strategically targets gaps in endowments, jobs, assets, and increasing women’s leadership and voice. Dr. Grown leads collaboration across the World Bank Group and with development partners to generate evidence on what boosts gender equality, and to identify emerging challenges and opportunities to close the gaps between men and women. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Dr. Grown was economist-in-residence and co-director of the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics at American University in Washington, D.C. Over the course of her career Dr. Grown has led efforts on gender equality for a number of organizations, including the UNU-WIDER program on aid effectiveness and gender equality, as Senior Gender Advisor at USAID where she led the development of the Agency’s Gender Equality policy, and as senior scholar and co-director of the Gender Equality and Economy Program at The Levy Economics Institute at Bard College.

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la mujer y la inclusión y la diversidad en los trabajos del sector del agua.


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Great topic! Thank you.

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From Trickle to Stream
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