Trends in GovTech Solutions for Public Financial Management
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Trends in GovTech Solutions for Public Financial Management

This is the second e-Learning course of the World Bank’s GovTech Academy program that was launched in 2020 to assist the World Bank staff and client countries working on digital transformation in the public sector through knowledge sharing and learning activities. 

The first GovTech course “GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts” was launched in November 2021 to introduce the GovTech concepts, focus areas, solutions, GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI), and good practices, and assists practitioners in the design of new digital transformation projects.

The "Trends in GovTech Solutions for Public Financial Management" course explores the role of digital technology in the modernization and enhancement of Public Financial Management (PFM) systems, and the associated risks, challenges, and opportunities with a focus on fragile and low-income countries. It also looks at the innovative GovTech solutions and trends for budgeting, tax administration, public procurement, and financial fraud detection.

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- Nov 23, 2022


- Sep 2, 2022
The course was great, and very concise. A big thank you to the WB team who put it together.


- Sep 2, 2022
How can I get a certificate of completion, please?

Momodou Alieu

- Aug 29, 2022
Hello Dears, Can anyone assist? I am not able to access the modules today.


- Aug 24, 2022
Great course

Mildred Omongwe

- Aug 8, 2022
Good day, i am failing to access the modules


- Jul 29, 2022


- Jul 22, 2022
Interesante y excelente herramienta de gestión publica. Mis congratulaciones.


- Jul 22, 2022
This is an impressive innovations,kudos to world bank and more grease to your elbow


- Jul 17, 2022
Great concept
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