Transforming Business: A Chinese Online Entrepreneur's Story

More than 1b people around the world have disabilities, and 80 percent of them live in developing countries. The disabled face barriers to communicate, access information, and participate fully in society. It takes a supportive ecosystem to drive the implementation of accessible digital technologies.

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- Mar 28, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Dec 13, 2019
Transforming Business: A Chinese Online Entrepreneur's Story

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 15, 2019
great to hear that rapid economy development progress in China has brought about 500 million people out of poverty. The number is double my country population. Furthermore the internet revolution has helped 80 million people with disability, enabling them to develop business and feeding the family. Amazing and inspiring


- Apr 20, 2019


- Apr 3, 2019
Transforming Business:


- Mar 25, 2019
Luar biasa

Jesús Manuel

- Jul 23, 2018


- Jul 19, 2018
Great! Thanks!

Dr. Andi

- Apr 23, 2018
Now we are living in disruption era which IoT (Internet of Thing) change every aspect of human civilization. And surely Internet also change the way of doing business. Digital business era. Thanks.


- Jul 5, 2017
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