Think Road Safety - Road Safety Training for External PARTNERS (self-paced)
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Think Road Safety - Road Safety Training for External PARTNERS (self-paced)

This course provides an introduction to road safety, impacts caused by injuries and deaths, global data on mobility, and the global plan of action for safety improvement. A considerable part of the course is spent on understanding the importance of road infrastructure, implementing the Safe System Approach with global instances cited, and managing additional aspects such as police enforcement. It also looks at methods of safety implementation and examples of worldwide successful case studies. Lastly, the course examines the capacity reviews and project management operations carried out by the World Bank for improving road safety.

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Ibrahim Aliyu

- Apr 12, 2020
I am having the same problem, any solution?


- Apr 13, 2020
Make sure you open and read through all the links given. You will be able to progress. You can restart the slide and carefully go through again step by step following the instructions.


- Apr 7, 2020
It is nice to be part of this course and hope to learn a lot.


- Apr 6, 2020
Health is wealth thus a very germane topic

Bukar Gana

- Apr 6, 2020
I have registered with order No 0001755087 but yet to receive any correspondence.


- Jan 23, 2020
nice content material


- Apr 6, 2020
pls which material are you talking about


- Jan 18, 2020
Very useful course contents.


- Jan 11, 2020
Nice one
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