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The Importance of Food and Nutrition Security for Human Capital

The 14th Knowledge Exchange will center on the importance of investing in sustainable food and nutrition security, with a focus on how to work towards more resilient, sustainable, nutritious, and resource-efficient food systems.

In the context of rising food prices and inflation more broadly, low-income households may be forced to reallocate resources away from health and education and switch to lower-quality food. This is further exacerbated by disruptions in health and nutrition services over the last three years in the wake of the COVID pandemic. These measures can have long-lasting, irreversible impacts on the cognitive development of young children and those in utero.  Less nutritious foods with so-called ‘empty calories’ can also lead to increases in obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases over time, with substantial economic impacts.

Transforming food systems to ones that are healthier and more resilient is an urgent policy priority to achieve lasting food and nutrition security, particularly for low-income households. During this knowledge exchange, Dr. Meera Shekar, Lead Health Specialist at the World Bank, will provide insights on a range of approaches that can be adopted to develop nutrition-sensitive food and nutrition systems and services to build human capital.

Mr. Suprayoga Hadi from Indonesia, and Mr. Samuel Dusengiyumva from Rwanda, will share reflections on the presentation, linking it to their governments’ experience making financial and policy decisions around human capital.

The final part of the session will be focused on Q&A. 

Date: September 20th, 2022

Time: 07:00-08:30 am ET Washington / 11:00am-12:30pm GMT

About the Presenters

Meera Shekar, Speaker

Lead Health Specialist, The World Bank

Suprayoga Hadi, Speaker

Deputy of Policy Support for Human Development and Equality Development, The Office of Vice President, Republic of Indonesia

Samuel Dusengiyumva, Speaker

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Rwanda

Iffath Sharif, Chair

Manager, Human Capital Project, The World Bank

Victoria Strokova, Moderator

Senior Economist, Human Capital Project, The World Bank

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