The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Self-paced)
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The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Self-paced)

This course explores the hidden side of energy access by uncovering the reality that over 4 billion people around the world currently lack access to modern energy cooking services (MECS) for their daily cooking needs. Throughout the developing world, households still cook with firewood and charcoal on rudimentary stoves in poorly ventilated rooms, resulting in significant negative impacts for health, gender, the environment, and our climate. Stagnating progress on this development agenda costs the world an estimated 2.4 trillion USD per year. In this four-part learning series, you will familiarize yourself with core concepts in the clean cooking sector, uncover the nuanced and contextual nature of accessing modern cooking solutions, learn about innovative financing approaches, and discover recommendations for actors seeking to make clean cooking a reality for households across the world.

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- Apr 13, 2021
Does this course offer certificate upon completion?


- Apr 10, 2021


- Apr 6, 2021
To achieve the set goals for clean energy for all, there has to be a a transition from traditional cooking devices or techniques to modern cooking trends. The three stone cooking stoves used by majority of people in developing countries have rendered women and children to perenial chronic diseases associated with smoke or soot.


- Apr 6, 2021
Great course that can change people's lifestyle through change of traditional cooking techniques to modern ones.


- Mar 27, 2021
Understanding Clean Cooking, without cleaning cooking, all SDG plans and international agreements cannot be achieved. Good initiative


- Mar 23, 2021
Great course


- Mar 14, 2021
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