The End of LIBOR
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The End of LIBOR

The end of LIBOR as a reference rate is one of the most significant changes for financial markets in recent times. The World Bank has been working to facilitate a smooth and orderly transition to new reference rates.

Starting January 1, 2022, all World Bank loans, except for the existing USD fixed-spread loans, will only be offered in, or gradually switch to, alternative reference rates (such as SOFR, EURIBOR, SONIA and TONA). This course will guide you through the World Bank’s LIBOR transition process for borrowers, and the transition’s impact on the IBRD Flexible Loan and billing practices.

Module 1: Overview
Potential implications of the LIBOR transition to the World Bank and its borrowers and what the World Bank is doing to prepare for a smooth transition.

Module 2: Impact on IBRD Flexible Loan
LIBOR transition’s impact on pricing and key characteristics of the IBRD Flexible Loan.

Module 3: Impact on Billing (coming soon – available by November 1, 2021)
LIBOR transition’s impact on billing practices.

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