Tanzania: Using Drone Technology to Secure Land Rights

Tanzania is using modern GPS enabled drone technology to enhance geospatial mapping, which has positive applications for a range of government projects and programs. By using drones to gather highly detailed information on flood plains, the country is able to plan and predict how water will move in the event of a flood. Tanzania is also using the data gathered to determine actual GPS boundaries which can be used to address the land tenure issues facing small scale, traditional farmers in rural areas. The country is now able to provide 300 000 land titles to landowners in Tanzania.

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- Jan 25, 2021


- Mar 26, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Jan 23, 2020
Tanzania: Using Drone Technology to Secure Land Rights

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 9, 2019
technology, with proper use, will make life much more easy and efficient. can be imagine how munch cost and wasted time must be involved if traditional ground survey is used for secure the land right instead of drone


- Apr 18, 2019
Combined technology with development resulting with a great mix


- Apr 8, 2019
Sangat menarik


- Mar 22, 2019
Topik Menarik & Informatif

Jes�s Manuel

- Jul 20, 2018
interesting information!


- Jul 8, 2018
Interesting! Thanks!


- Jul 5, 2017
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