Knowledge Note

As Dubai has grown over the last two decades, the demand for private education has grown with it, a reflection of the number of expatriates settling in the city and the various curricula on offer to cater to expatriates. Given the city-state's unique context (in which a majority of the population are expatriates, not Emiratis), the immediate challenge for this new public institution was to identify an appropriate approach for regulating a private education sector. It was the central tenets of this approach, dependent essentially on oversight rather than intervention, which appealed to the knowledge and human development authority (KHDA) and so the policy framework from that report was adopted, adapted, and put into place in Dubai. The KHDA has returned to the World Bank requesting a review of the governance initiatives. A World Bank team, working in close collaboration with counterparts in the KHDA, and in consultation with the wider stakeholders in question (private school owners, heads, teachers, and parents), completed the review and the findings are presented in this report.

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Simon Thacker