Spatial Agent: A New Look at the Data to Drive Development

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep, the World Bank's Global Lead for watersheds talks about looking at data in a new way to drive development.


Watch Nagaraja Rao "Harsh" Harshadeep explain his new application that displays national and subnational data geographically for his Watersheds GSG members. Free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores.


Accessing and Visualizing Multi-Sectoral Data in a Spatial Context

Many decisions in a watershed or a river/lake basin are hampered by availability of adequate information. Answering key questions requires access to a range of multi-sectoral data.


Spatial Agent Interactive Tutorial: Learn to use the Spatial Agent app to visualize a wide range of open geospatial data


Spatial Agent: Learn to Visualize the World!


Spatial Agent at a Glance

Spatial Agent Tutorial

The Spatial Agent app pulls data from hundreds of data sets to create on-demand data visualizations on topics ranging from transport and trade to watersheds and climate change. Data analysis that would have taken hours or even days to create can now be generated for free within minutes!

This interactive tutorial is a comprehensive online guide to help you understand and use the Spatial Agent app. The Spatial Agent tutorial will introduce you to the key features of the app, demonstrate how to use them and extract data, and show how you can apply this information to make a difference.

Beyond the general features of the Spatial Agent app, this tutorial will help you apply sector-specific data to an array of development challenges. The videos under the themes section will help you explore data across a number of thematic areas, demonstrating useful combinations of features and data sets. Once you are confident in your ability to find and apply Spatial Agent data, test your understanding through the take the challenge quiz.

Spatial Agent for iOS

Spatial Agent for Android