Social Inclusion Webinar Series: Asylum Seekers in the European Union: Building Evidence to Inform Policy Making

Policy needs to be informed by facts: the more that is known about those who may be affected, the more realistic and achievable a policy’s goals will be. However, while there have been massive movements of people across borders in recent years, many entering the European Union, there is little systematic data about them available. Most of the evidence that is available is anecdotal and journalis...view more

About the Presenters

Quy-Toan Do

Quy-Toan Do is a Senior Economist in the Poverty Team of the Development Research Group. Since joining the Bank as a Young Economist in 2002, his research has focused on institutions and their relationships to economic development. In recent papers, he investigated the impact of land titling on agricultural investments and credit access; he also looked at the political economy of institutional development by investigating several mechanisms that could potentially link the distribution of wealth to the quality of institutions. He holds an MA from Ecole Polytechnique and the University of Toulouse, and a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

María E. Dávalos

María E. Dávalos is a Senior Economist in the Latin America region of the Poverty and Equity Global Practice. She joined the World Bank in 2010 through the World Bank’s Young Professionals Program and spent several years working on poverty and equity issues in the Europe and Central Asia Region (ECA). She has led analytical work on economic mobility, aging, the EU migrant crisis, jobs, distributional impact of reforms, and women’s access to economic opportunities. She currently leads the poverty programs in Bolivia and Peru. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy Management at the Centre for Studies and Research on International Development (France) and a PhD in economics from Fordham University.

Soraya Goga

Soraya Goga started her career working for the Durban Metropolitan Council in the Economic Development Department, and she continues to work on issues related to city economic performance, including in Indonesia and Russia, and on the lagging regions agenda in Turkey and now in the European Union. She has significant experience in improving local government performance, including in Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine, and Tajikistan. She also works on the sustainable cities agenda, examining issues of social, economic, and financial and environmental sustainability, particularly in Turkey. Finally she has extensive experience in post conflict reconstruction including urban planning in Dili, urban upgrading in Afghanistan, housing in North East Sri Lanka, and local government development in Palestine. She is currently leading the Urban Forced Displacement Agenda for SURR.

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