Social Impact Bonds: Addressing Gaps to Solving Social Issues (Podcast)

The podcast will explore social impact bonds as a potential model that addresses weaknesses of traditional approaches in solving social issues. An RBF instrument itself, impact bonds tie financial returns and payments to social outcomes. Their design brings pr...view more

About the Presenters

Inga Afanasieva

Inga is an economist by training who built an expertise in results-based financing and output-based aid. She worked on the application of RBF and OBA in projects across multiple sectors, including education, energy, water and sanitation, and she is leading the work on impact bonds at GPOBA. In 2014, Ms. Afanasieva returned to GPOBA after serving as Chief of Staff at the Moldovan Ministry of Education where she headed Minister’s Cabinet. She was on the forefront of the education reform and the development of the new Education Strategy and Education Law. Inga managed the implementation of the World Bank-funded RBF SIL for education in Moldova on behalf of her government, and launched several national pilots integrating ICT in education. She initially joined GPOBA in 2008 to support the monitoring and evaluation of OBA projects. Since then she contributed to the development e-learning, advised the World Bank and other development partners on mainstreaming the approach in their operations, and lead the scoping study on the application of RBF in the education sector. Ms. Afanasieva holds an MSc in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a BA in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova.

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Social Impact Bond that is very important for developing countries to financing the GPOBA. Social Impact Bond is useful social investor services. Social provider is credit healthiness.


- Nov 20, 2017
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