SMEs in the Forest Sector: Approaches to Promoting SMEs’ Competitiveness

The webinar series lays out key sectoral knowledge and expertise that can contribute to a joint effort to enable SMEs in the forest sector to be competitive and grow in a sustainable manner. This session will examine a set of interventions that had enhancement of competitiveness and sustainability of rural or agricultural enterprises as the entry point and are relevant for SMEs in the forest sector (SMFEs). Presenters will deconstruct projects in order to explain the various components of each intervention as well as to encourage participants to think about how to adapt each approach to their specific projects. In addition, presenters will provide insights on the effectiveness and social/environmental value of the various approaches used in their interventions that look to address constraints to competitiveness; they will also discuss what else could have been done to adopt a more integrated approach.

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Anupa A Pant

Anupa Pant has worked 11 years in private sector development covering the wider aspects of climate smart agribusiness, climate change adaptation, early stage financing, value chain promotion, and gender and social inclusion.Currently, Anupa has been working in the field of entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development as part of the global agribusiness team, with a focus on building the capacity of agribusiness SMEs on technicalities of business, industry expertise, governance, and environmental & social standards to help them become investible. Prior to joining World Bank Group, she worked as a Sub Sector Advisor at GIZ and as a Relationship Manager at Nepal Investment Bank. Also a business educator, Anupa taught Fundamentals of Marketing at Undergraduate level. She holds a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Central Michigan University, USA and a Master’s in Business Administration from Kathmandu University, Nepal.

Natalia Agapitova

Natalia Agapitova is a Senior Economist at the World Bank. She joined the World Bank Group in 2002 after spending three years working for a Russian investment company in the midst of the financial crisis, and working. Natalia has 20 years of operational experience in private sector development, education, and governance in 37 countries across five regions. At the World Bank, she has covered operational and analytical aspects of the innovation agenda. She has worked across sectors spanning from private sector development, education and skills, governance and service delivery. She also managed the Global Development Marketplace Program since 2012. Natalia has firsthand expertise in private sector development, results-based management, learning design, crowdsourcing, and a wide range of tools supporting organizational innovation. She has a Doctorate in Economics, specialized in the role of innovation and private sector for inclusive and sustainable development.

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Submitted 8:38 am, September 13, 2018

The discussion is helpful for the forest sector and value chain management


Submitted 3:17 pm, July 25, 2018

Hello Ladies We are very grateful for the insight that you shared with us .One critical thing you all mentioned was funding and it was not by accident or was the dishonesty of the SME. The fact is that the lack of skills are attributable to finance just as many other things. So in many cases the availability of funds opens the way for employing skilled labour, acquiring better tools for improved productivity. but i also agree that world band expert engagement with SMEs accelerate growth of company


Submitted 5:15 pm, July 2, 2018

Interesting case of how commercialization of forestry can contribute to sustainable management of forests.


Submitted 4:08 am, June 24, 2018



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Submitted 4:34 am, June 11, 2018

Good effort !!

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 12:10 pm, June 10, 2018



Submitted 4:54 am, June 10, 2018


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