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SMEs in the Forest Sector: Addressing Sector Challenges to Promote Inclusive Growth

This webinar is the second in a series that introduces innovative multi-sector solutions to help SMEs in the forest sector thrive. This session will examine SMEs working with natural assets like wood and forest products, considering the important role of these SMEs in addressing climate change and inclusive growth.
The webinar series lays out key sectoral knowledge and expertise that can contribute to a joint effort to enable SMEs in the forest sector to be competitive and grow in a sustainable manner.
Participants will learn:
- How instruments like the Forest Investment Program (FIP) have been used to enable innovative arrangements, bringing together communities and private enterprises.
- How partnerships created through the Forest and Farm Facility and other development initiatives have helped SMEs. 
- About efforts in Africa, and East Asia and the insights on which they are based.

About the Presenters

Michael Brady

Dr. Michael Brady is a Senior Operations Officer with IFC’s Manufacturing Agribusiness and Services advisory team. Based at Jakarta, he manages IFC’s forestry and wood products advisory programs in Asia and Africa.Working with national and international staff, and outside specialists, Michael oversees several forestry projects in East Asia, and West and East Africa. A central theme is to work with private sector clients to develop viable forest plantations on degraded lands. Key program goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve subnational enabling environments, and strengthen business cases for sustainable forest management by industry and SMEs. Michael has worked for over 30 years throughout Southeast Asia on forest management, ecosystem restoration and environmental impact analysis. He has held various private, public and academic positions in sectors including forestry, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and mining. Dr. Brady has a BSc in biology, an MSc in forest management and a PhD in tropical forest science. He is a registered professional biologist.

Duncan Macqueen

Duncan Macqueen is an expert on locally controlled forest farm enterprises which collectively help to secure the multiple values of forest landscapes.Duncan’s work looks at governance reforms that can support such enterprises, including measures affecting tenure, market access, technical extension and organizational development. He is currently researching organizational structures for business and policy representation that can best serve the needs of local forest farm producers. His expertise includes: Locally controlled forest farm enterprises that collectively secure the multiple values of forest landscapes – plus governance reforms in support of the same (in tenure, market access, technical extension and organizational development).

Diji Chandrasekharan Behr

Diji Chandrasekharan Behr is a Senior Natural Resource Economist in the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice at the World Bank, and is based in Hanoi.Along with colleagues from the Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation and the Finance & Markets Global Practices, Diji is co-leading the programmatic analytical work on Enhancing Contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Forest Sector to Poverty Reduction, Jobs and Growth. At the World Bank, she has been involved with operations and analytical work focused on using natural assets for sustainable, resilient, and inclusive growth. Her focus on SMEs started with her work on rethinking forest partnerships and benefit sharing. Diji has an MSc in Applied and Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a PhD in Natural Resource Management and Policy from Cornell University.

Target Audience

World Bank Group operational staff, and technical staff from private and public organizations working on addressing sectoral, institutional, financial and non-financial service constraints faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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Addressing Sector Challenges to Promote Inclusive Growth through SMEs


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SMEs are boosting economy, and creating new jobs

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