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Smart Cities: Week 1 - Green: Smart Solutions for Greening Cities

The first session of the virtual knowledge sharing program, “Green: Smart solutions for greening cities” is composed of a series of multiple presentations that covers the climate action framework, environmental studies, practices of projects and examples of solutions done around the world. The participants will have a chance to hear from various stakeholders and professionals who are invited for their renowned significant contribution to green innovation. The interesting topics introduced in this session will include innovative green technology, urban ecosystem management, policy framework on climate action, and more to the environmental perspective of smart sustainable cities. 


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About the Presenters

Dr. Pranab Baruah

Dr. Pranab Baruah is the Head of GGGI’s Impact and Evaluation Unit that oversees the organization's impact agenda for delivering effective green growth technical assistance to developing member countries. Pranab comes from a transdisciplinary background and has led scientific research and policy advisory projects on clean energy transition planning, low carbon cities, and terrestrial ecosystems management in his previous roles. He is passionate about promoting science-based policymaking and multilateral cooperation to realize transformative climate action and resilient societies for future generations.

Mr. Sabin Basnyat

Mr. Sabin Basnyat is the Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist that the Green Climate Fund and leading the Energy Efficiency and Low Emission Transport Sector. Mr. Basnyat has been working on these two sectors in the last 22 years, looking to “scale up investment and implementation” at a global level, bringing together three main areas Policy, Regulation and Planning; Technology development and integration and Sustainable financing.

Youngkeun Song

He is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University. Also, he is working for Interdisciplinary Program of Environmental Education and Integrated Major in Smart City Global Convergence, in SNU. He is leading the Landscape and Ecological Planning Lab., one of the largest research groups in this field in Korea, focusing on ecological restoration, urban ecosystem management, habitat conservation, and smart x green city, based on the specialty of landscape ecology. His team has worked on over 20 R&D national projects with 30 publications, over the past 5 years. He received the B. S. degree from SNU, Korea, M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in global environmental study, from Kyoto University, Japan.

Arjan Hassing

Senior expert in circular economy, public-private innovation and smart city solutions. Arjan Hassing was responsible for the first regional circular economy strategy at the Dutch Province of North-Holland. Recently he has been member of the strategy team developing the Circular Amsterdam 2020-2025 strategy in collaboration with Kate Raworth. Currently involved in several systems-level innovation activities to accelerate the transition towards a circular city, including the Amsterdam material monitor, city doughnut and innovative conducts in the application of the regulatory framework.

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Smart Solutions for Greening Cities
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