Smart Cities for Sustainable Development (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)
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Apr 12, 2021 12:00 AM - May 07, 2021 12:00 AM EDT | Virtual

Smart Cities for Sustainable Development (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)

Last Day to Enroll:  Apr 18, 2021
Cities, as the crucible and the hub of human innovation and advancement, face critical changes in their fundamental role. Through a smart city, the global community has strived to converge and integrate environmental, digital, bio, and financial technologies to solve various urban problems. It is imperative to understand the true value and implementational practicality of key technologies in their full depth for their deployment in the construction of new smart cities or in the regeneration of legacy cities to advanced smart ones in the right way.

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- Apr 16, 2021
My Name is Robert Mangusho, Development Planner, Kween District Uganda


- Apr 15, 2021
My Names are Kalembo Cephas, a final year Mechatronics Engineering Student at Copperbelt University, Zambia. am interested in IIoT as tool for building smart cities and smart Manufacturing. i look forward to learn more from this course.


- Apr 14, 2021
The opportunity is well appreciated. I am eager to know more about smart cities and how the strategies can bring about better urban life.


- Apr 13, 2021
Good to be here and hope to learn more of strategies put in place for sustainability in developing countries


- Apr 12, 2021
Smart cities is the way to go. However, it requires good planning and huge resources. Most developing nations are challenged in this respect.


- Apr 12, 2021
Good to be here.Smart cities are a neccessity in the current world.The only challenge is how well are they planned to accomodate future expansion and aesthetic beauty among other variables.


- Apr 8, 2021
Many countries started establishing smart cities for improving air quality, pollution-free water, treating wastewater, and recycling it for industrial use, best multimodal transport system, internet connectivity, smart banking system for online payment for services availed, etc. We need to improve the courses on Town and Country Planning, Regional Planning, developing industrial corridors, etc. The success of the smart city depends on the quality of workers, and executives. Hence, we need smart campuses, advanced design courses, and skilled planners.


- Apr 7, 2021
Thank you for the information.


- Apr 7, 2021
We need Livable Cities that accommodates Sustainability In Development. So what can Developing Countries Do?!


- Apr 6, 2021
Intendencia de San Jose
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