Smart Cities for Sustainable Development

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Smart Cities for Sustainable Development

Throughout history, cities have been the center of economic development, technological innovation, social progression and the enhancement of human capability. While growing in numbers and sizes – more than half of the world is living in urban areas today – cities are also experiencing major challenges such as congestion, pollution, environmental degradation and widening inequality in accessing opportunities and adequate living environments. For sustainable development of cities, it is imperative to mobilize diverse perspectives and bring together various stakeholders to solve these major urban problems.

Smart cities refer to an approach to making the best use of data, technologies, and available resources to improve city planning, management, and service delivery, to engage citizens, and to enhance accountability. For smart cities, advancing cutting-edge technologies such as Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and IoT (Internet of Things) is geared towards creating a civic platform for new forms of cities with sustainability and agile prosperity. That is, while innovative technologies are key enablers, promoting integration and alignment in urban planning and management is the core for successful smart cities.

Following the launch of a facilitated e-learning course on Smart Cities for February 1 – March 5, 2021, this KPOK Virtual Event aims to facilitate live knowledge sharing on the topic of Smart Cities for Sustainable Development through an online platform.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a common development vision of our present world. This event facilitates discussion and knowledge sharing on how smart cities can contribute to this collective effort towards enhanced global sustainability.

The event is structured around four thematic areas to which smart cities can contribute: Green, Smart, Development, and Vision.Together with the audience, the event will explore how smart city development and innovation can:

  • Engage the residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Facilitate collaborative and open leadership
  • Work across sectors and systems
  • Use data and technologies in an integrated way

Four sessions at the event will introduce various perspectives and cases of how smart cities have used data, technologies to become efficient, innovative, inclusive, and resilient.

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- Mar 28, 2022


- Mar 23, 2022


- Aug 19, 2021
Great Sries


- Jul 17, 2021
Interesting series.

jose luis

- May 11, 2021
llegara Suramérica a este nivel y cuanto tiempo Las ciudades inteligentes se refieren a un enfoque para hacer el mejor uso de los datos, las tecnologías y los recursos disponibles para mejorar la planificación, la gestión y la prestación de servicios de la ciudad, para involucrar a los ciudadanos y mejorar la rendición de cuentas. Para las ciudades inteligentes, el avance de tecnologías de vanguardia como Digital Twin, Inteligencia Artificial (IA), big data e IoT (Internet of Things) está orientado a crear una plataforma cívica para nuevas formas de ciudades con sostenibilidad y prosperidad ágil.

Mohammad Nadir

- May 9, 2021
Excellent series!


- May 9, 2021


- May 9, 2021
Good series!


- May 8, 2021

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- May 7, 2021
Great Series
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