Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The Smart Cities KSB aims to be the main conduit for cross-GP and CCSA collaboration within the Bank on smart cities. The KSB will facilitate dialogue to define smart cities and respond to the demand of clients and Bank project teams. The KSB will take stock of the Bank’s client engagements to date to promote smart cities and define a few strategic areas of focus, based on client demand, to advance the Bank’s support for smart cities.  It develops a platform for curating smart city best practices and practical solutions and for making it accessible internally to the Bank operational teams, including a C4D page, SPARK page, list serve, and periodic membership meetings. Finally, it will facilitate knowledge sharing and dissemination on smart cities through blog posts, BBLs, knowledge notes, and smart city conferences and workshops.

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Submitted 5:10 am, September 14, 2018

Smart city Guidelines should be formulated for Governing Bodies and Planners.


Submitted 2:51 am, August 30, 2018

Smart City concept need to be dissiminated throghout the world to advance in to a better future.


Submitted 2:05 pm, June 22, 2018



Submitted 7:45 am, June 14, 2018



Submitted 7:48 am, May 23, 2018


Jesús Manuel

Submitted 12:04 pm, January 31, 2018



Submitted 10:42 am, January 31, 2018


Piero Sasha

Submitted 8:47 pm, December 5, 2017

this represent a new view of modern life.


Submitted 12:32 am, October 7, 2017

This most be a new concept.


Submitted 1:25 pm, August 17, 2017

New concept

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