Skills for Future Jobs in Vietnam

The machines are coming. What do we do so that humans will dominate the machines? What researchers are telling us is that we need to develop human skills, such as, management, leadership, working in teams, complex problem solving and anything that requires a human touch.

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jose luis

- Jun 26, 2021


- Jan 24, 2021
Great !

Md. Babar

- Apr 18, 2020


- Mar 23, 2020

Andradiet I.J

- Dec 2, 2019
the machines is tools for achieving high productivity with good work quality. The human must improve skills required for best using of the machines

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 29, 2019
Good to know


- Oct 8, 2019
Lifelong learning is the main key for facing this changeable world .


- Apr 5, 2019
My point view is machine will replace jobs that need force or power , but will never replace jobs that needs human brain. Humanity will not be able to imitate brain simply because they did not developed


- Mar 28, 2019
Menarik sekali


- Mar 26, 2019
Skills for Future Jobs in Vietnam
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