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Shoring Up Stability: Addressing Climate and Conflict in Lake Chad

"The session aims to create a greater understanding of the linked drivers of climate-fragility risks." 

The session aimed to better inform practitioners and policymakers about climate change, fragility, and disaster risk management nexus and to serve as a starting point for devising new approaches for working on climate change and disasters in FCV affected areas. Speakers, drawing on their knowledge from the ground, shared their experiences to highlight case-specific challenges and opportunities in combining FCV, disaster risk management, and climate change adaption approaches in practice.

This session is part of the Fragility Forum 2020 Virtual Series.

About the Presenters

Chitra Nagarajan

Journalist, Researcher, Activist, Climate Security Expert Network

Chitra Nagarajan (@chitranagarajan) focuses on civilian protection, climate change, conflict analysis and sensitivity, gender and social inclusion, peacebuilding, and human rights, particularly those of women and girls. She has worked across West Africa for over a decade. She led and coordinated all interviews in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria for Shoring Up Stability: Addressing Climate and Fragility Risks in the Lake Chad Region, the first ever climate security assessment of a specific region.

Janani Vivekananda

Senior Advisor, adelphi

Janani Vivekananda (@JanVivekananda) is a Senior Advisor on climate change, peace and security and a Senior Project Manager at adelphi. In this role, she focuses on peace and security, vulnerability, adaptation, conflict and risk analyses, conflict and resources, and urban governance. With her background in field research and operations, she aims to promote participatory, locally owned processes in order to connect ground realities with policy processes and vice versa, thereby fostering the linked goals of peace and sustainable development.

Target Audience

Practitioners and general public

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Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Aug 12, 2020
Addressing Climate and Conflict in Lake Chad
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