Learn about the goals and objectives of the Share the Road programme including: Supporting development of non-motorized transport (NMT) policies and initiatives at national and city level, Building a knowledge base of NMT guidance and tools and provide access to this knowledge,Global Advocacy, communication & engagement, and Prioritizing the needs of children and other vulnerable groups.


Understand the important global context of NMT as highlighted through examples of global agreements, campaigns and high level events in which NMT has been recognized.


Learn how NMT policies and initiatives have been implemented in 6 case country examples.


Explore two toolkits, the Africa toolkit for child health and mobility and the Latin America and Caribbean toolkit for safe routes to schools.


This section of the annual report explores stories which are linked to the Share the Road goals, objectives and activities.

Share the Road Programme: Investing in people who walk and cycle

The UN Environment Programme (UN Environment, or UNEP) Share the Road Programme has launched its annual report titled, ‘Investing in people who walk and cycle,’ which highlights progress made to ensure that more pedestrians and cyclists can safely travel to work and school.

The Share the Road Programme aims to provide leadership and support to encourage investment in walking and cycling infrastructure as one solution to global transport challenges and transitioning to zero emissions and non-motorized transport (NMT). Launched by UNEP and the FiA Foundation for the Automobile and Society in 2008, the Programme supports governments and other stakeholders in designing “mobility for people instead of mobility for cars.”

The report highlights the goals of the Share the Road Programme, namely: supporting the development of NMT policies and initiatives at the national and city levels; building a knowledge base of NMT guidance and tools, and providing access to this knowledge; promoting global advocacy, communication and engagement; and prioritizing the needs of vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly and the disabled.

The report showcases NMT-related projects of the Share the Road Programme in Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya. It describes the development of an Africa toolkit for child health and mobility, and a Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) toolkit for safe routes to schools.

Learn more about the UNEP created report by clicking here.

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