Session 4 - Philippines M&E of Innovation Policy Course

"Learn about the Philippines M&E for innovation policy challenges and the WBG's observations on the Philippines M&E for innovation policy."

The World Bank Group supported by the Korea–World Bank Group Partnership Facility (KWPF) has been developing a set of knowledge and learning products and case studies around innovation policy. As part of that initiative, here... view more


Introduction: Explaining the potential of M&E for innovation policy projects


Areas of Potential Improvement in M&E: Discussing the Philippines - M&E innovation policy challenges, and the areas of potential improvement in M&E. 


Recap of the Course: Presenting the summary and key takeaways of the M&E of Innovation Policy Course.


Conclusion: Justin Hill wraps up with some readings that could help with the different aspects of monitoring & evaluation.

About the Presenters

Justin Hill

Senior Private Sector Specialist in SME development, Industry Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Australian Ministry of Industry, Innovation & Science
Justin Hill is a Senior Private Sector Specialist in SME development, industry innovation, and entrepreneurship, formally with the Australian Ministry of Industry, Innovation & Science. He is the Task Team Leader (TTL) for the project, responsible for overall leadership & coordination.

Yehia Eldozdar

M&E Specialist, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Yehia Eldozdar is an M&E Specialist, providing technical assistance and capacity building to projects supporting private sector growth through SME development, innovation and entrepreneurship. He provides expertise on M&E through the documentation of case studies and knowledge-sharing activities.