Session 3 - Philippines M&E of Innovation Policy Course

"Learn about the history and evolution of Korean M&E in innovation policy and the case on R&D tax incentives."

The World Bank Group supported by the Korea–World Bank Group Partnership Facility (KWPF) has been developing a set of knowledge and learning products and case studies around innovation policy. As part of that initiative, here is a view more


Introduction: An introduction to the cases of M&E in innovation policy from Korea, with practical and transferable lessons.


Korean monitoring and evaluation (M&E): Dr. ChiUng Song presents the chronicles of Korea's national R&D in the context of M&E evolution.


Challenges for Developing Countries: How to build industrialization and technology progress? How to build up the research sector? How to build bridges for knowledge and technology transfer?


Korea Case Deep Dive: This presentation by Joo Sueb Lee highlights the M&E mechanism on R&D Tax Incentives (RDTI). 


Q&A session

About the Presenters

Dr. ChiUng Song

Senior Research Fellow, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), Korea

Dr. ChiUng Song is a Senior Research Fellow at the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) in Korea and is a Director at the Strategic Research Center for Cutting Edge Technology in the Pacific.

Joo Sueb Lee

Senior Economist, Specialized in Policy Coordination, Innovation, and Structural Reform agenda

Joo Sueb Lee is a Senior Economist specializing in policy coordination, innovation, and structural reform agenda. He worked as a director at the Korea Ministry of Economy and Finance.