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Seminar: When is a DPO the right instrument for Human Capital priorities

This first event in the Human Capital Project Staff Learning Series laid the groundwork for examining why and how Development Policy Operations can be effective options for supporting long-term multisectoral change to improve human capital outcomes. The focus on institutional reform and on theories of change within the projects offered staff an opportunity to understand the key details of how colleagues are approaching this important, but challenging, work. Task team leaders from several country programs -- Jordan, Madagascar, Peru, and Albania -- presented, and were joined by evaluation specialists and Regional Directors as discussants.

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- Mar 21, 2022


- Jan 4, 2022
Contents not available.


- May 28, 2021

Lynn Ioana

- Apr 25, 2021
excited to see this included in the client program of CO

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Apr 19, 2021
Great Series


- Dec 6, 2020
Nice course


- Nov 28, 2020
Awesome Discussion

Mohammad Nadir

- Nov 25, 2020
Insightful discussion!
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