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Seminar: Rethinking Human Capital Analytics

This session introduced Human Capital Review (HCR) and Human Capital Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (HC PEIR) as new analytical products to inform country engagement with a human capital lens. The HCR, a new addition to the Bank’s extended core analytics presents a comprehensive view of the state of human capital in a country, assesses endowments and constraints to human capital development across a broad range of areas, and identifies priority human capital outcomes that require improvement. Meanwhile, the HC PEIR extends the traditional PER in three important ways: it is (i) outcome-oriented; (ii) multi-sectoral; and (iii) pays explicit attention to diagnosing institutional bottlenecks to effective public expenditure management and service delivery. As of December 2020, Methodological guidance for both tools is currently under development by the HCP team and is being piloted by several country teams.

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informative sharing

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