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Seminar Building Institutions for Resilient Service Delivery: Examples from Recent Outcome-Oriented DPOs

The purpose of this event was to illustrate how broader institutional reforms contribute to more resilient service delivery in HD sectors and to share insights from human capital outcome oriented institutional and policy reforms from DPOs led by various Practice Groups as an inspiration for teams. The seminar focused on two recent human capital outcome oriented DPOs: India’s Accelerating Social Protection Response DPO (led by HD) and the Central Africa Republic Fiscal Consolidation and Social Inclusion series (led by the Governance GP). Presenters Shrayana Bhattacharya (co-TTL/India) and Elena Georgieva-Andonovska (TTL, CAR) highlighted the relevant institutional strengthening reforms from these operations in two diverse contexts. A panel of experts including TTLs, Program Leaders, and Practice Managers from HD and EFI provided their insights from as well as advice to teams undertaking future human capital DPOs.

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Lynn Ioana

- Apr 25, 2021
interesting info

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Feb 11, 2021


- Dec 16, 2020
Great information !

Mohammad Nadir

- Dec 15, 2020
Excellent presentation!
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