SD Tech Talk: Your Brain is Not Enough. Use Modern Data.

"You've heard about Big Data and AI. Now be empowered to use them. How?"

In this engaging Bite+, participate in a live BOT or NOT Turing test, followed by discussions with Kalev Leetrau (Real Clear Media Group), who created the world's largest open news database (GDELT), and Joe Flasher (Amazon Web Services), who introduces the Amazon Sustainable Data Program -- an unpre... view more


Welcome and Introductions by Laura Tuck: To benefit from all the complex data sets, we need to depend on each other, work in teams and share skills and capacities so we get most out of these complex datasets. 


Welcome and Introductions - Richard Damania: What is the relevance of this topic for the Bank's broad development agenda, specifically sustainable development? 


BOT or NOT Audience Turing Test - Holly Krambeck: There has been a lot of talk about the advances in Big Data and AI. However, where are we now, what is real and what is not? 


Part 1 - The Global News Database Project (GDELT) - Kalev Leetrau: Transportation or Energy projects don't live and die on technology. They live and die on perceptions. How does the public feel about these technologies? How do they understand them? 


Part 2 - The Global News Database Project (GDELT) - Kalev Leetrau: Watch the Bite video to learn about how the GDELT Project monitors open news data sources from around the world. 


Part 3 - The Global News Database Project (GDELT) - Kalev Leetrau: What does the data say about the positive/negative tones of news outlets such as the New York Times or BBC? The rise of web news is when things became sharply negative. 


Part 1 - Amazon Web Services - Joe Flasher: Having access to a whole lot of computing power does not mean much if you don't have access to data. How do we think of data as infrastructure? 


Part 2 - Amazon Web Services - Joe Flasher: Watch the Bite video to learn about customer examples from the AWS Open Data Program. 


Lightning Talk by Rachel Halsema from the Technology and Innovation Lab: Watch the Bite video and get a short overview of the World Bank ITS Technology and Innovation Lab.


Lightning Talk by Olivier Dupriez from the Data Analytics and Tools Team: Watch the Bite video to get an overview of the World Bank's DEC Development Data group. 


Closing Remarks by Richard Damania: Thank you and closing notes by the Cheif Economist of the Sustainable Development Group.

About the Presenters

Laura Tuck

VP, SD Practice Group, World Bank 

Richard Damania

Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, World Bank


Holly Krambeck

Senior Economist, Transport

Kalev Leetrau

Media Fellow at the Real Clear Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Auburn University Center for Cyber & Homeland Security

Joe Flasher

Open Geospatial Data Lead, AWS


Rachel Halsema

IT Officer, Business Management - Technology and Innovation Lab, World Bank

Olivier Dupriez

Lead Statistician, DECAT, World Bank