Screening for Climate Change and Disaster Risks in Development Projects
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Screening for Climate Change and Disaster Risks in Development Projects

Climate change and disasters pose a growing threat to development. It’s essential for identify relating risks at an early stage of investment programs and to integrate appropriate resilience measures to cope with the risks. The World Bank Group developed a suite of Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools to help development professionals screen climate change and disaster risks during project preparation and sectoral- and national-level planning. This new short eCourse (part A) walks you through the logic steps of the screening process using the above tools. It uses project examples to illustrate how to navigate the tools, where to find climate change trends and projection information, and how to make team judgement on the level of risks in project preparation. It will take around 40 – 60 minutes. (A separate eCourse, part B, is being developed on how to use the national tools for climate risk screening at sectoral and national levels. So, stay tuned.)

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Tagele Mossie

- Dec 19, 2020


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course

Saint-Martin Kodjovi

- Sep 7, 2020
Interesting indeed!


- Sep 7, 2020
Interesting and Impactful. Thanks.


- Jul 7, 2020
Done! really interesting and well desingned tool !


- Apr 5, 2019
Nice , I just registered in this topic


- Apr 4, 2019
Topik sangat menarik


- Mar 26, 2019
Introduction to Innovation Policy


- Mar 25, 2019


- Mar 1, 2019
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