Knowledge Note

Access to infrastructure is a key driver for reducing poverty and promoting shared prosperity. In Bangladesh, where economic growth has accelerated steadily over the past decades, about a third of the country’s estimated 166 million inhabitants remain below the poverty line, and a large portion of the population still has little or no access to electricity or clean energy sources. In rural areas of the country, where more than 70 percent of Bangladesh’s inhabitants live, the electrification rate is about 50 percent. The dispersed nature of rural settlements and the presence of numerous rivers make grid electrification difficult and often prohibitively expensive. Off-grid renewable energy is therefore the only realistic option for electricity provision in many areas of the country.

About the Presenters

Shahidur Khandker

Hussain Samad

Zubair Sadeque

Mohammed Asaduzzaman

Mohammad Yunus

Enamul Haque