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Satellite Data for Assessment of Land Valuation and Property Taxes

"How to use satellite Earth Observation (EO) data for a better Land Valuation System and related Property Tax estimation?"

Many developing countries seek to improve methods of land valuation and related property taxation. In this video, methods for using actual land transaction data with the land cadastral maps and basic building height data generated from satellite images are presented to simulate different property values and related tax rates in the city of Kigali, Tanzania.

Webinar delivered by EO4SD-URBAN project consortium for European Space Agency (ESA) and World Bank Group (WBG). The material is extracted from training material provided by the EO4SD-URBAN project which is funded by the European Space Agency and implemented by GAF AG and Consortium.

About the Presenters

Andreas Uttenthaler

Expert in 3D modelling working with GAF AG, Germany

Manuela Hirschmugl

Remote sensing expert at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria

Amelie Broszeit

Specialist on urban remote sensing with GAF AG, Germany

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- Nov 30, 2022
thank you


- Aug 14, 2022
Innovative and creative way of working. I am more curious about how to merge attribute data from different public organizations like land management office, property registration office and taxation authorities. Thank you for the great video.

jose luis

- Jul 19, 2022


- Nov 15, 2021
The style amazed me, it's a modern system and great in accuracy


- Sep 15, 2021
GIS is the most used system used for the purpose. Good information.


- Jan 20, 2021
Great Course! very knowledgeable documents!


- Jun 18, 2020
Great Stuff

Mohammad Nadir

- Apr 28, 2020

Md. Babar

- Apr 18, 2020


- Mar 22, 2020
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