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The Role of Research & Technology Institutes Within the Innovation Systems of Emerging Economies

This webinar will cover the Role of Research and Technology Institutes (RTIs), Technological Competencies and Networking, State Financing and Lessons from International Experience.

This webinar was created in partnership with the Innovation Policy Platform.

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About the Presenters

Jean-Louis Racine

Jean-Louis Racine is Global Innovation Product Specialist in the World Bank’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit. His current tasks involve managing a corporate accelerator for staff to design and launch novel projects, and designing experimental forms of global support services for green entrepreneurs worldwide. At the World Bank Jean-Louis has spent much of his time on policies and programs that support innovation and entrepreneurship. His work at the World Bank ranges from bird’s eye assessments of national innovation systems to designing national strategies, institutions and local programs. Prior to the World Bank his experience in product design and innovation spanned a range of sectors, having tried his hand as an engineer in traditional sectors, such as rural micro-hydropower and hydraulic systems, as well as in cutting-edge sectors, such as medical devices and robotics. He co-invented a human performance enhancement exoskeleton which led to a successful spin off company. Jean-Louis Racine holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering a from the University of California at Berkeley, and Masters degrees from Columbia University and Stanford University.

Target Audience

Innovation policy practitioners and influencers.

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Research & Technology Institutes Within the Innovation Systems of Emerging Economies

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