Road Geohazard Risk Management E-learning
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Road Geohazard Risk Management E-learning

Geohazard risks are increasing across the globe due to climate change. Any disruptions to the transport system will reverse economic and development gains and impact citizens’ safety and access to critical infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, or shelters.

This E-leaning will help users learn the road geohazard risk management step by step in a systematic and comprehensive manner through the following structure:

Part 1: Framework for Road Geohazard Risk Management, helps users understand the framework for road geohazard risk management, introduces some basic concepts, and provides context to the overall handbook.

Part 2: Institutional Capacity and Coordination, covers the institutional arrangements that are necessary for the successful implementation of geohazard risk management.

Part 3: Systems Planning, covers the systems planning aspects, pertaining to the identification, assessment, and evaluation of risks, along with raising awareness of disasters.

Part 4: Engineering and Design, deals with the engineered solutions to address geohazard risks, giving examples of different solutions to particular risk types.

Part 5: Operations and Maintenance, focuses on the operations and maintenance aspects of geohazard management—whether the maintenance of previously engineered solutions or the nonengineered solutions available to mitigate the impacts of geohazard risks.

Part 6: Contingency Planning, addresses contingency programming issues, such as postdisaster response and recovery, and the important issue of funding arrangements and emergency preparedness.

Case Studies: Present a collection of completed studies, trainings, and workshops targeted to enhance the capacity of geohazard risk management in different countries

In addition, this E-leaning contains the reference list and additional online resources.

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