Risk-Based Regulation

Risk-Based Regulation (RBR) achieves public policy objectives by targeting activities that pose the highest risk to the public well-being, and in turn lowers burdens for a variety of lower-risk sectors and firms. Lowering burdens improves compliance and allows firms to benefit from a more level playing field. By directing government resources towards the highest-risk areas, risk-based approaches also make the most of limited public resources. Well-functioning RBR systems further improve accountability by enhancing transparency and predictability of requirements in given sectors and as applied to different firms.

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Mohammad Ibrahim

Submitted 12:59 pm, November 5, 2017

Learn something new, educative.


Submitted 2:57 am, July 29, 2017



Submitted 2:29 am, July 5, 2017



Submitted 5:25 am, July 2, 2017

definitely RBR is a good tool for decision making

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 9:23 am, March 18, 2017

great,liked and shared!

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