Revisiting Development Cooperation in the Hardest Places:  The Case of Somalia 

"This podcast reviews the Somalia country platform, the importance of country ownership, and other key lessons."

This conversation was recorded in early 2020, before responding to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic became the mai... view more

About the Presenters

Sharmarke Farah

Senior Economic and Financial Policy Advisor

Office of the Somalia Prime Minister

Sharmarke Farah (@SharmarkeFarah) is Principal Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Somalia and Coordinator of the National Economic Development Roadmap focusing on economic and financial reforms, debt relief, IFI partnerships, trade facilitation (WTO accession), private sector development and Horn of Africa Economic Integration. He is a member of the Financial Governance Committee. Previously, Sharmarke was the Founder & Executive Director of a Garowe, Somalia, based think tank that specializes in research on institutional development, public sector governance, and service delivery. Sharmarke worked with UNICEF in Somalia, New York, and North Korea. He has an MSc in Public Policy and Management from SOAS, University of London. 

Bella Bird

Senior Advisor, Office of the Vice President, Africa Region

The World Bank

Bella Bird is a Senior Adviser in the office of the Vice President of the Africa region. Previously, she was World Bank Country Director for Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi and Somalia, as well as World Bank Country Director for Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia from 2011 to 2015. Before joining the Bank in 2011, Bella served in various leadership positions in the UK Department for International Development (DFID). From 2009 - 2011, she was Head of Governance Policy in DFID. She provided leadership to several international policy processes at the OECD, as well as leading policy development on governance and fragile states policy within DFID. 

Jonathan Papoulidis

Executive Advisor on Fragile States

World Vision

Jonathan Papoulidis (@JPapoulidis) is the executive advisor on fragile states at World Vision. He previously served with the United Nations, including in Indonesia as the UN coordinator for Aceh and the security coordinator for Sumatra; in Liberia, as an advisor on governance and recovery to the UN deputy special representative of the secretary-general in the UN Peacekeeping mission; in Turkey as the UNOCHA senior representative preparing for the 2003 Iraq humanitarian response, and at the UN headquarters in New York. He has written for the Brookings institution, OECD, Harvard international review, and Yale Journal of international affairs. He has a Master's in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. 

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