Return of Coral Reefs Brings Good Fortunes to Coastal Communities in Indonesia

Many coastal communities in Indonesia find it hard to make ends meet. A project called Coremap has helped revive the coral reefs, and with it the fish population that are crucial to the communities' livelihoods. Coremap has also brought new opportunities that help small businesses thrive and improve the local economy.

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Vedat Bobby

- May 14, 2019
Interesting information!


- Apr 23, 2019
The coral reef needs so many years to recover if damaged.


- Mar 27, 2019
topik sangat Menarik


- Sep 23, 2018
Coremap terumbu karang


- Jul 28, 2018
Interesting info! Thanks!


- Jun 4, 2018
thanks for work

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 22, 2018
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