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Resolving Insolvency Indicator - What it measures, Why it matters, What are the results, and good practices?

The Resolving Insolvency indicator of the Doing Business Report studies the time, cost and outcome of insolvency proceedings involving domestic entities as well as the strength of the legal framework applicable to judicial liquidation and reorganization proceedings. This webinar will drill down on how exactly this indicator is measured, why is it relevant, data on Resolving Insolvency, and what are the international good practices.

About the Presenters

Klaus Koch-Saldarriaga

Klaus Koch-Saldarriaga joined the Doing Business team in April 2014. He oversees the interactions with governments as part of the Stakeholders engagement component of Doing Business. He leads the Resolving Insolvency Indicator and previously led the Labor Market Regulation indicator. He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from UC Berkeley, attended the Harvard University negotiation program and holds a law degree from Javeriana University in Colombia. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, he was a Diplomat (Counselor) at the Embassy of Colombia in the United States, where he coordinated the working relationship with U.S. Congress for the approval of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. He also worked for the Business Association of Colombia (ANDI), and the law firms Heuking Kühn in Germany and DG&A in Colombia. He speaks Spanish and is conversant in German.

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